Darlene has always had a desire to understand her place in the world.  At a young age she discovered how the roles, relationships and social structure of the world impacted people's experiences - and how some benefitted moreso than others because of it.  

she felt the social limitations of being female and a person of color early on.  denying those limitations she was always curious as to how she could create opportunities, success, and love regardless of what family and society imposed upon her.   she knew if she could figure it out, she would have the key to creating a happy life.  She was taught, and believed, that she had choices and regardless of any labels or social expectations, she could make things happen. 

Early on she was exposed to the  power of positive thinking.  IT was then she began to understand how our thoughts become things.  she applied it and it worked!

it worked, yet she still found herself coming up against resistance to her desires.  As she observed the world around her, she could see the inequalities that challenged women, people of color and other marginalized groups based on long standing cultural stereotypes.  The constant question in her mind was, "How do people overcome the negative images family, peers, and society may portray of them and maintain a healthy positive sense of self; an empowering sense of "anything is possible?"  how do we get people to see beyond the narrow, limited views of themselves and others they have been conditioned to believe?

it was these experiences that continued to fuel the fire for a greater understanding of her sense of who she was and how she could create change for her self and for others.  These desires led her to a Bachelors in the Social Sciences, with a primary focus in Sociology and a Secondary focus in women's  Studies.  She knew she wanted to teach,  to help others learn how to navigate this life, so she decided to advance her education with a masters in sociology, with a focus on race, class and gender.  

She became a college instructor and, a facilitator/teacher for the human rights organization, the anti-defamation league.  Teaching her students about ideas of equality, the benefits of inclusion and acceptance, respect and compassion, was exhilarating for her.  yet, she kept feeling as though there was a missing piece to the puzzle; something greater, all encompassing.  

she came to realize the missing piece to the puzzle was understanding her spiritual connection to everyone and everything.  by further study under the teachings of Transformational leaders such as neville goddard, dr. wayne dyer, eckhart tollE, deepak chopra, wallace wattles, gerry & esther hicks, sanaya roman, marianne williamson, christy whitman, and many more she found the key.  

The Teachings of these masterminds combined with her knowledge of the social world provided an understanding like nothing she every experienced.  darlene feels It has been the most empowering and inspiring culmination of "knowing" that has truly changed her life and has her on the path she has always wanted.

she has discovered the way to be a deliberate co-creator, to lead a joyful, prosperous, healthy, loving life with all its ups and downs.  she discovered the "knowing" that each and every one of us has the power to decide and create how we want to live our life regardless of anyone's expectations.  she is passionate about bringing this understanding to help others create the life they desire, to overcome any negativity created through relationships and social and cultural expectations and inequalities.  she wants to inspire people to believe in their best self, empower them to create a life they want and deserve.  Her goal is to coach, teach and mentor clients to their joyful life!

 Darlene is a certified Quantum Success Coaching Academy Life Coach.  she is  a teacher, mentor and speaker with a passion for helping others.  

she lives in the “palm of nature” in beautiful new England with her loving family and two dogs.