Don't Worry About The Hows!

When we look to create the things we really want in life, things we get excited about, plans for a career, a vacation, buying a house, or planning an event, one of the first things we do is to try and figure out how we will make it happen. We feel the need to develop a plan, to make lists, and work through details.  We want to be prepared for any and every possibility. We want to get it all figured out!

It's certainly beneficial to plan, to organize, and to prepare for what we may need, or what may come up in the process of what it is we want to create.  But, we get ahead of ourselves.

So, let's back up just a bit.  I want to draw our attention to what happens in the process of having a great idea about something we would like to do.  We have this idea and we start to feel the excitement of the event, we feel the happiness, or joy around it, and then as we start think, "Hmmm, how will I do that? How can I make that happen?" the doubts start to pour in, then the worry, "What if that doesn't happen?  I've never done that before! I don't see how I can make this happen!" Before we know it we've consumed ourselves with doubt and worry and we talk ourselves out of it.

Let's look at an example.  Say you've always wanted to go on a vacation to a beautiful island in the Caribbean.  You've never been there before, but it's some place you've always wanted to go.  

You begin to think about it, you see yourself on the beautiful white sandy beach, you see the waves come in to caress the shore, you feel the warmth of the sun and smell the salty air, the breeze gently touching your body.  Ahhhh!  Feels wonderful! Then . . . .  oh no . . . . . you start thinking about the details.  "How will I get the money for the trip?  How can I afford it?  How could I make it work?  How, how, how!"

As you ask yourself those questions, the responses are usually, "I don't have enough money and where would I get it?" "It would be so expensive!" As you continue on that thought path more of the same ideas show up like, "I'd have to have someone take care of my dog.  How will I get to the airport?  I'll have to pay for parking too.  I should probably save that money and not spend it, I may need it." And poof, you've talked yourself out of it by trying to figure it all out at once.

If this has ever happened to you, the moment you start down the road of "How do I . . . " all those good feelings about your desire start to fade and the more you think about how, the more the feeling of doubt creeps into your experience.  Doubt starts to diminish your desire, it begins and continues to bring up reasons of how difficult it will be, how far fetched the idea is, how it's beyond your reach, to the eventual feeling of "Well it was nice to fantasize about it, but I can't do that!" 

Needing to know all the answers of how to make something happen leaves little room for faith, for imagination, for co-creating with the universe.  Needing to know all the details before hand leaves little room for a belief that you can make it happen.

Allowing the doubt to creep in and take over and change the possibility of something happening to, "it can't happen," is a choice.  The doubt becomes fear, fear of having the desire and not being able to make it happen.

It can be hard to change that doubt and fear to faith, a belief in yourself and your ability to create what you want in life.  The challenge of changing fear to faith always reminds me of the examples in life where people have faced great hardships, but believed, never gave up and made it happen.  For instance, Morgan William, the women's college basketball player from Mississippi who made the over time, tie breaking, 3 point game winning basket against the UCONN women's team, who has the best record in women's college basketball.   Believe it or not, Morgan is only 5'5".   No lie!  5'5" at a Division I college.  The average height is 5'10".

How did she make it happen?  Think about the all doubts she had over the course of her young life, having a dream to play college basketball at a D1 school and standing only 5'5".  When she began thinking about her dream, like most of us, as she thought about her desire, she went to the place of "How will I make it happen?"  She could have easily gone on to the roadblocks that said, "What if I don't get any taller? How will I get into a D1 school? How will I compete with girls taller than me?"  She could have allowed all those doubts and fears to talk herself out of it and stop before she even started.  But she didn't, even though she also had many, many people along the way telling her because of her height her dream could not come true.  Through the love and coaching of her Dad, she said this about her height, ". . . it never mattered to him (her Dad), so it never mattered to me."  

Morgan didn't have all the details figured out.  But what she had was a desire that she believed in.  She let her focus be on what she wanted and not on all the "hows."  Her belief in herself, her love for what she wanted and a knowing that if she stayed focused, followed her instincts, then it would all work out - impulses, situations, circumstances, and people would all show up in her experience to make it happen.  And it did!

The next time a thought comes to you of something you would love to do, stay with the experience only.  Just let yourself feel what it would be like to have it. Feel the joy, happiness, excitement of it.  That's all.  Don't try and figure it all out, plan every detail, consider every possible nuance.  Instead, just allow yourself to feel how good it would be to have it.  Say to yourself, "I'd love to do that.  I don't need to figure it all out right now.  I'm just going to enjoy the thought of having it."  As you do that, you will be surprised and amazed how you start to think of things you could do.  Information will appear to help you figure it out, you'll speak to someone who has done it, or knows someone who can help you.  By allowing yourself to enjoy the idea, you open the stream of well being and possibilities to flow into your experience, and what you want starts to manifest with impulses, ideas, people and circumstances all to help you in creating your desire.  

If you focus on the roadblocks, which are only in your imagination, they haven't happened yet, those roadblocks will become part of your experience.  It's your focus on what you don't want that keeps you from creating what you do want.

There are many, many stories like Morgan's.  I bet you have one or more of your own.  These are all examples of how our thoughts create our world, how are thoughts become things.  Morgan's thoughts led her to fulfill a dream.  

Don't worry about the hows, don't let fear and doubt be your focus.  Focus on what you want to create, what that means to you, how it will feel having it, and you will find the universe will respond in kind with inspiration, impulses, circumstances which will surround you to lead you to what you want.

Remember your are love, you have everything you need within you.  Perceive it, believe it, achieve it!


Mandell, Nina.  A 5'5" Guard led Mississippi State to the Greatest Upset in Women's Basketball History. USA Today Sports. April 4, 2017