Fear is a Liar


I saw this anonymous quote recently and thought it was pretty powerful.  Powerful in that it was calling FEAR out!  To me, it was saying “Fear, you have lied to me, told me to be afraid of people, of relationships, of authority, of God, of love, of those who are different, of things I don’t understand.  You told me to be afraid of trying something new, of failing, of not having enough, of not being enough, of being too much, of having dreams – you told me to be afraid of everything!” Sound familiar?  Yes? 

Fear, as defined by Dictionary.com “is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc. whether the threat is real or imagined.” 

The emotion of fear helps when we may actually be in harm’s way, in a “real threat.”  That’s not what I’m referring to here.  I’m referring to the threat that we imagine.  I’m talking about the fear we feel when we think about doing something we’ve never done before.  Our “Fear Voice” starts telling us all the reasons why we can’t do it, “You’ve never done that before what makes you think you can do it now?” or, “If you try you might fail and think about how awful failure will feel!”  “Don’t chance it, it’s safer not to try!”  That’s a lie!

The Fear Voice is sneaky.  It appears in the midst of our inspiration and creativity.  It waits until you have that amazing idea about how to fulfill your dreams and goals.  We get those feelings of inspiration, and great ideas come to us about something that stirs a passion within us, and before long that Fear Voice comes in and for every aspect of our idea, the Fear Voice has a response of how it can’t work, or how it would be difficult, or no one has ever done it before, or you don’t have the means to make it happen.  One fearful thought after another until your creativity and passion fizzles out and you give in to the Fear Voice and say “Your right.”  That’s a lie!

The Fear Voice not only comes alive when we’re thinking about ourselves, but it turns up the volume when it comes to relationships with others.  The Fear Voice tells us we should be afraid of those who are different than we are.  The Fear Voice tells us we need to be careful, they may impact our safety or take away our jobs, our security and well-being.  The Fear Voice speaks of a life of lack and scarcity.  That’s a lie!

Then there is the fear that sets in when we think about getting close to someone, letting them in; becoming intimate.  The Fear Voice tells us we’re not worthy of love, no one would want to love us, we’re not the perfect picture of what is beautiful or attractive.  If we’ve been hurt in love before then the Fear Voice tell us not to look for love, we’ll only be hurt again, so don’t love.  That’s a lie!

Why are they lies?  Fear is a lie because who we really are is Love. 

Marianne Williamson said, “Love is what we are born with.  Fear is what we learned here.” And, “Fear cannot exist where there is love,” according to Elizabeth Kubler Ross.  When we feel love for ourselves, we believe in ourselves, we believe we are worthy and deserving and anything is possible.  When we love ourselves we are vibrating at the highest frequency and we attract situations, people, circumstances that demonstrate that love.  When we remember we are love, we have compassion for others. We know there is an abundance of everything we need and we willingly share because we know as we lift others we lift ourselves.

Fear is based in all kinds of negative thoughts.  When we listen to the Fear Voice our thoughts become consumed with negativity.  As energetic beings we emit that negativity and negativity then shows up in our experience and proves fear right.  But it’s not the truth. 

We are creative, powerful and empowered to be, do, have whatever we desire when we remember who are and where we come from.  Remember we are energy, we are magnetic.  If our thoughts are focused on how we’re not enough, we can’t do it, it won’t work, there’s not enough for everyone, then the Fear Voice wins and we will create a self-fulfilling prophecy because as we think and focus, we create.

Dr. Jean Houston said we need to clean out of the weeds of fear and negativity.  The way we do this is to do our “Inner Hygiene.” When the Fear Voice starts talking, shut it down!  Tell it, you’re a lie!  Tell it, “I can create what I want in my life, I am worthy and amazing.  I can have love, success, a healthy body, confidence, and compassion.  I live in a world of abundance, there is plenty for everyone and I am deserving of all the good things I desire!” Now, that is truth!

You are an extension of the energy that created everything and in that you have within you everything you need.  Just take a moment and stop to think how amazing that is.  Shut down that Fear Voice, call it out!  Bring in the love for yourself and what you’re capable of.  Let that be your focus, and open the stream of well-being and unlimited possibilities into your experience.

Remember Fear is learned.  Love is who we are!