How Do You Know What You Know? The Answer Is Key to Your Happiness and Success

How do you know what you know?

I love this question.  I used to ask my students at the beginning of every semester, "How do you know what you know?"  Many of them would look at me with a quizzical look on their face.  Some students would ask the question, “What do you mean?”  I would respond with, “Think about what you know, anything you want, and then think about, “How do I know that?”

What we know about the world around us, people, places, how things work or not, what’s right or wrong, what is of value and what isn’t, are all things we are taught.  They are ideas we learn from others that become beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in.

Now, how do you know what you know about yourself?  How did you learn you were doing the right or the wrong thing?  How did you learn what was good or bad about yourself?  For example, what experiences led you to believe you were strong or weak, pretty or unattractive, or any of the other things you think are right or wrong about you.

We learn what we think we know about ourselves through our relationships with other people.  

What if what you learned about yourself, by the way people spoke to you and treated you, was negative.  What if you were told you weren't good enough, smart enough, or capable enough?  Those negative perceptions we learn early in life can stay with us a life time and they become the very limiting beliefs that keep us from what we want in life.

This topic is a much bigger topic than one blog.  There is more to come on this topic to help us see the impact of our social relationships on who and what we think we are.  But, for now, I'd like you to consider the question and try to answer it for yourself.  

How do you know what you know about yourself?  Does it serve you?  Does it inspire and empower you?

Exploring these questions is key to our success in everything.  If we don't see ourselves as capable, as worthy, as enough, we cannot create what we want in our lives.

When you're considering how you know what you know about yourself, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, or if it brings up feelings of doubt, fear, and anxiety, it is because what you feel and think about yourself goes against who you really are.

Who you really are is capable, smart, kind, funny, beautiful and amazing.  When we come into this world, we are perfect in our individualized self.  There is only one you.  You are an original.  If we can remember we are an extension of the energy that created everything, and that energy exists within each and everyone of us all the time, perhaps then we can allow ourselves to see the magnificence within us.

Along our path of life there were those who suffered from their own misconceptions of themselves and the world around them, and they passed those insecurities along to us to please themselves somehow, or to make themselves feel more secure.  They did the best they could with what their beliefs were.

The key to changing the beliefs we acquired from others is to remember, as Abraham & Hicks say, "A belief is just a thought we've practiced over and over again."  Beliefs can be changed, they are just a thought.

Our empowerment comes from choosing different thoughts.  How we think and feel about ourselves are the two most important factors in determining how we will experience life.  If we think we are incapable, fearful, unworthy, not good enough, then that is what we will be in everything we pursue.  But, if we think we're good enough, capable, worthy and deserving, then that is what we will be in everything we pursue.

Pay attention to the voice in your head.  Is it saying positive and encouraging things, or does it tell you to be afraid, or you can't do it? 

We can change the beliefs we have about ourselves, by choosing thoughts that serve us, not diminish us.  We can change the beliefs we have about ourselves if we decide we're going to love ourselves more.  If we decide we're going to be more aware, and pay attention to what we're thinking and feeling.  If we're willing to remember who we really are, where we come from, and our connection to a loving energy that exists in everyone and everything, we can change our beliefs.  

We can change the dialogue with the voice in our head.  I recently heard Author, Geeneen Roth, speak on Christy Whitman's Quantum Success Show, she calls the voice in our head "the crazy aunt in the attic."  That made me laugh!  We all have that voice!

Remember you are an individualized masterpiece.  There is only one you.  One amazing, special you!  You are here to fulfill your purpose, to add to the collective experience of this time and place.  

My desire for you is to love yourself enough to want to change the negative beliefs you've acquired, to change the voice of the "crazy aunt (or uncle) in the attic," to a kinder, loving voice that focuses on all your positive attributes and talents.  As you do so, your life will change.  You will see it reflected in how you feel and what happens all around you.

I know your greatness.  I know you can do it.  

Please send me your thoughts and comments.  What thoughts and feelings came up for you when thinking about what you know about yourself?

Look for an announcement for an upcoming workshop I'm offering to help you on your way to understanding how you came to know what you know about yourself, and how to change what doesn't serve, or honor you to thoughts of appreciation and love for all that you truly are!

Remember by loving yourself, you bring something beautiful in the world that wasn't there before!

With love and light!