How About Some Good News!

When I watch or listen to the news, it can be a challenge to maintain a positive attitude.  It seems everything presented is about what's going wrong.  I do believe it is important to be informed, to be aware of events and circumstances that impact our well being and the well being of others. It's also important to be informed because it provides an opportunity to look for solutions.  But, the constant flow of negative information can cause people to feel stressed and as if our world is worse off than ever before.

Now, I don't believe this is true.  I believe there are as many, and more, good people doing positive, wonderful things in the world.  I believe there are large numbers of people in the world creating justice, equality, respect, and love for others and for our planet.  Join me, and let's focus there and see how much better that feels.  

A consistent message in my work is the message of Love.  I teach people to learn to love themselves more; to be kinder and easier on themselves.  When we focus on loving ourselves, being more compassionate, our experiences change. We're happier and healthier. The same idea works when we show love for our society, for humanity.  History has shown over and over again, as a society shows respect, compassion and love for it's people, the society grows in the most positive and beneficial ways for everyone.

So, what does love for the society, for the public look like?  What I've learned from various sources, scholarly and spiritually, is that we are all part of something larger.  We are part of a family, a neighborhood, a community, a state, a nation, a world, and an eternal universe where we are all connected by the same energy; a loving source that created everything. 

In looking to address social problems we have to remember what we focus our attention on grows.  If we're looking for answers to our problems, we need to turn our focus away from the problem to the possibilities of solutions.  Abraham and Hicks say that, "The energy of the problem is not the same energy as the solution."  After we understand what the problem is, which is what we don't want, then we need to focus our attention to what it is we do want.  

What you will find here is how the many people I spoke of earlier focused their energy and attention to what they wanted.  What they wanted was a solution to our social problems to create a more equal and just society.

So, as an antidote to all the broadcasts focusing on the negativity around our social problems, let's shift our focus to some positive actions of what love looks like in, and for, the public. 

Here is just a sampling of articles I found that illustrate the many, many people who are focusing their thoughts and energy towards solutions with some great results!

"Bloomberg Gives 3 Mil to Job Training for Coal Communities"  May 2, 2017

"States to Cut College Cost by Introducing Open Source Text Books"  April 25, 2017

"Maryland Passes Bill Aimed at Stopping Drug Price Gouging"  April 13, 2017

"New Study Shows American Youth Violence Is On the Decline"  April 27, 2017

"University to Ban New Student Athletes with History of Sexual Violence"  April 21, 2017

"Company is Offering to Retrain Coal Miners as Wind Farmers For Free"  May 26, 2017

"County in Texas is Helping Veterans Pay their Utility Bills"  March 18, 2017

"Brown University to Drop Fee for Low Income Applicants"  April 17, 2017

"Senate Agrees to Give Everglades 78 Billion Gallon Drink of Cleaner Water"  April 17, 2017

"California Sun Produces So Much Power That Electricity Prices Turn Negative"  April 12, 2017

"8 Of the Best - and Latest - Innovations for Social Good" May 1, 2017

There is a lot more of where that came from.  Read World News about how China and India are making changes to lower pollution levels, and how Saudi women will no longer need men's permission to seek education and healthcare, or about scientific research the helps the blind to see, or a sponge that can help remove mercury from polluted water in seconds!

These articles of full of positive actions, solutions for millions of people!

All this information was provided on the website Good News Network ( Check it out!

These are all great examples of what justice, love, respect for the public, looks like.  What a different feeling we get when we hear about the positive strides and accomplishments made to benefit the people.  When we take care of others, we enhance everyone's experiences as we are all part of the this global family.  

Our contribution doesn't always have to be on the larger scale.  It can be how you converse with your neighbor, the person in line at the store, or a co-worker who is of a different religion, political point of view, or ethnicity.  What do you want to create in your experience?  If you focus on the negativity, it will continue to show up for you.  If you're looking for solutions remember the energy of the solution, is not the same energy as the energy of the problem.  In looking for solutions that benefit everyone, focus your attention on the positive and the positive solutions will show up.  

There are so many amazing people, doing amazing things in the world.  People who are creating for the benefit of others, showing compassion and love to uplift those who need our help.  As we uplift others, we uplift ourselves.

We have the ability, the power within us to create a society with justice, love, respect, well being, and a healthy environment.  We just have to decide to do so, and in that powerful decision we turn our thoughts to what we want and amazing things happen!

Our compassion and desire to help others is who we are naturally . . . .  because love is who we are.